no sunglasses

i've never written this quickly before. i suppose you could say i'm inspired by the concept and to just be creating. it feels good. although i did take a week or two off while kendick's "damn." came out. sometimes u just need to sit on the bench and enjoy shit.

next project should be happening this year. being reunited with rayphonic has been long overdue. ~TT

been a bit absent from social media lately. for no reason more than i just don't wanna. but i must say, king kendrick is unreal. rarely do you set such high expectations on someone and they habitually exceed them. april 7th could be my new favorite day.

had the privilege of doing some interviews with these fine establishments. 

between matt martians, kehlani, and gabriel garzon-montano dropping tomorrow, i feel like the new music year has officially begun.

been out of commission for pretty much the entire month of january. flu, coughs, sore throats, other unwanted symptoms. getting back to myself slowly but surely. we'll see how this show goes as i perform at under 100%. 

i think my issue is that i don't like people. like i really don't like people.

it's rare that i feel this inspired to make new creations with a concrete vision. unfortunately it's often that i do little to accomplish what i wish to see. the worst part about being self aware is knowing i'm gonna continuously step around my faults instead of fix them. i know who i want to be, i just don't think i'll ever be him. i feel like it'd be easier if i didn't have the capacity to achieve things, but because i know i do, all that leads to is excuses. it gives me reasons to be lazy, in some backwards, reverse psychological, thought process that i go through. it feels like a sickness. i'm truly sick of it in reality.

it is not like it used to be.

"all i ever wanna do is drink and play games"

persistence is key. i just wish someone would tell me which door it opens..

i've been telling the wife this since the end of summer. but i didn't think it would keep getting better. this is the greatest year in music, possibly ever. the quality of albums that released in this year is ridiculous. thank you artists.

i miss this guy already. this is somebody that everyone could look up to. he truly is one of my idols, and i wish him nothing but the best now that he will be out of office. I feel like no one handled stress in their lifetime better than obama. he is the definition of composed. thanks for everything obama.

available on itunes, spotify, apple music, tidal, google play, amazon, soundcloud, bandcamp, wherever the hell you listen to music. it's probably there.

decided i'm gonna take a different approach to how i normally convey music. should be for the better. #whereisrayphonic

november 4.

officially... it is done.

it's difficult. this keeps happening. yet video after video there are still so many that think we're the problem. that we're crazy. we're over exaggerating. the fact that we have to fight for people to understand what is happening says so much about those people in the worst ways. these people are dead. really gone. they didn't open their eyes that morning thinking "this is going to be last time i ever feel this." why is it so difficult to understand that these are human beings. we are human beings. if you relate on no other level but that, shouldn't it be enough for you to perceive this as wrong. how do you literally watch a man get murdered and feel anything other than heartache. how do jump to the defense of the human pulling the trigger before you feel sorrow for the human laying on the ground. who are you to say how anyone outside of yourself should act in a situation you can't place yourself in. 

i honestly cannot watch anymore videos of this happening. i haven't seen the footage of terence crutcher's murder. this happens too often and i don't need visual evidence to feel this disgust. i know an unarmed man with his hands up seeking assistance with his broken down vehicle was murdered in the middle of the road. truthfully, because i'm in the bay area, these types of incidents weren't at the top of my personal list of worries. i always felt my surroundings were very diverse, and people here are more relatable with one another. it wasn't up until this moment that i actually do fear for my life and my child's.  

during this time... blond/e is the only rotation. thank you

ep credentials. -tpau-

ep is coming together. august release is looking likely. excited to finish it.

i liked it when your activity on social media wasnt the measure of your character and your stances.

and for the second consecutive july, frank ocean got me constantly refreshing my internets. my guess is the album drops on tha 15th. its a special day regardless...

i had a goal of finishing the ep by june. i blame overwatch for not reaching that goal. however i have been managing time better recently.

bad news, mild news.

im kinda offended everytime someone isnt asking me for recommendations in music

"these pants are uncomfortable" is currently in the works.